Front Squat

The Front Squat exercise is performed with a barbell and it works the thighs and the buttocks. It puts more emphasis on the front of the thighs than the back squat variation.

Primary Muscle(s):   QuadricepsGluteus maximus

Secondary Muscle(s): HamstringsGastrocnemius


Starting Position

  • Rest a barbell comfortably on the front of your shoulders
  • Hold the bar with an overhand open grip slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Keep your upper arms parallel to the floor
  • Feet shoulder width apart and position toes outward
  • Inhale deeply and slightly arch your back

Exercise Movement

  • Keeping both feet firmly flat on the floor, lower your body by flexing your hips and knees until your thighs are just past parallel to the floor
  • Knees travel in direction of toes
  • Now drive upwards by extending your hips and knees
  • Lead with your chest and drive through your heels on the way up
  • Breathe out as an erect stance is achieved
  • Repeat as necessary keeping the movement smooth and continuous


*Variation: This exercise can be performed with a pair of dumbbells*

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