Dumbbell Single Arm Row

The Dumbbell Single Arm Row exercise is performed with a dumbbell and it works the Lats, the back of the shoulders, the upper back and front of the arms.

Primary Muscle(s):    

Latissimus dorsi

Posterior deltoids

Teres major                           

Mid trapezius



Secondary Muscle(s):

Biceps brachii




Starting Position

  • Place a dumbbell near a bench
  • Place one knee and same side hand on top of the bench
  • Ensure that your hand is directly under your shoulder and your knee beneath your hip
  • Place the other leg out to the side to stabilise and keep this leg slightly bent ● Ensure that your back is straight
  • Grasp the dumbbell from the floor

Exercise Movement

  • Pull the dumbbell towards your side until it makes contact with your ribs
  • Pause briefly, then lower the weight to the start under control
  • Repeat as necessary keeping the movement smooth and continuous

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