Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The Dumbbell Shoulder Press exercise is performed with dumbbells and it works the front and top of the shoulders, and the back of the arms. This exercise can be performed seated or standing

Primary Muscle(s):    Anterior / mid deltoid

Secondary Muscle(s): Triceps brachii


Starting Position

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells just above your shoulders, with your palms facing forward
  • Keep your wrists straight and the weight directly over your elbows

Exercise Movement

  • Press dumbbells over your head until arms are extended
  • Pause briefly, then lower the weight to the start under control
  • Repeat as necessary keeping the movement smooth and continuous


*Variation: This exercise can be executed standing and/or with alternating arms. However, the seated version is often used to prevent hyperextension of the spine*

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